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Just a short note to let any potential commenters know that this blog is being rocked by spammers right now. None of it is getting through, thanks to my moderation settings and a few anti-spam plugins; but it’s possible your comments might be getting lost.

I value all (actual made-by-humans-who-are-reading-the-articles) comments to this blog, positive or negative, so deepest apologies if yours gets lost. Just make sure you post something meaningful and easily recognizable as not spam. Thanks!

How and Why to dump your Word Processor

The word processor has been a part of computing platforms since the earliest days of the home computer; I’ve used a number them over the years, including PFS-write on the Apple IIc, WordPerfect (both DOS and Windows versions), Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, and AbiWord.

A couple years ago, though, I got frustrated with the whole word processor concept, and found a way to create text documents that works a lot better for me. This article aims to describe the how and why of that move, for the benefit of others who find they just don’t like working with word processing software.


Blogging in Emacs, part 2

When I first set up this blog, I attempted to use the weblogger.el extension to blog to this site. Alas, it gave me quite a bit of trouble, so I had to scrap it.

Recently, though, I’ve been trying to get a handle on Emacs org-mode, and noticed an extension called “org2blog/wp”. If it can work, seems like a good way to learn org mode. So, if this works, it’ll be my first post from org2blog. Let’s see how it goes….


Comments fixed

Apparently due to my failure to read directions, comments have been broken on this site for a looooooooooooooooong time.  So now they are fixed, I expect everyone to bless me with their profound wisdom.


Well, I guess I really did join the herd…

WordPress powers 14.7 per cent of the top million web sites – The H Open Source: News and Features.

I knew WordPress was popular, but jeepers!

Testing Emacs

Just testing my ability to post from Emacs. Test test test.

I’m posting via weblogger.el, but there are some bugs involving timezone offsets that mess with the publishing time.  I’ll see if I can sort those out somehow….

I’ve joined the herd…

After years of not blogging much to my geekblog, I’ve decided it’s time to join the herd and get a real blog engine behind my writing.  True, I may still not find much time to blog, but at least I can get some experience playing with WordPress  — a worthwhile bit of knowledge for a web developer / Linux admin / advisor-on-all-things-computer-for-my-family-and-friends.

So here I am tinkering away on this WordPress thing.   Maybe I’ll write more.  Maybe I can link this in with social networks and such, or feel more like writing about things other than just computers and tech.  Who knows.  Maybe it’ll end up with three way-out-of-date entries like every other WordPress blog out there.

Time will tell…