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In my blog links below, you’ll see a link to “Robins Rants and Raves”, a blog that (until recently) was written by a bright young man who many of us in various Linux circles knew better as “DixieDancer”.

A few days ago, Robin went to be with our Lord and Savior, brought down at the age of 18 by a genetic condition beyond medical help.  I recommend anyone to read through the last month or so of his posts, to hear the voice of a young man facing his pending death with the confidence that he will be entering the new life.

We have lost something down here, but he has gained everything now.   Rest in Joy, brother.

RIP Dennis Ritchie

Was sad to see that Dennis Ritchie died this week.  Between creating Unix and C, Dennis’s influences on modern computing are probably second to nobody.  Here’s a pretty good writeup on him:  Remembering Dennis Ritchie, Creator of the C Programming Language and UNIX Co-Creator.

Reviving your old PC with Linux, Part V: the Remixes

In part III of this series, I told you that lightweight Linux distributions can be classified as either “fully lightweight” or “remixes”; and in part IV, we took a look at several “fully lightweight” distributions. Naturally, in this article, we’re going to talk about remixes.

Unlike the last article, however, I’m not just going to go through a bunch of remix distros and blather on with my half-formed impressions of them; not only would that would be unbearably dull for both you and for me, but selecting a three or four remix distros from the zillion-and-a-half out there in the world is an impossible choice. Instead, we’re going to understand what really distinguishes one remix from another with the aim of helping you select one that fits your needs; after which I’ll go through a few example distributions and talk about what makes them different.