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How to install Debian offline

When tinkering with old computers, there is little about an operating system quite as endearing as flexibility at install time.  The “Universal Operating System” is no slouch in this regard; the Debian installer will work quite happily from CD, DVD, USB drive,  PXE boot (my personal fav), and even a Windows executable.

But what if none of those is an option?  Suppose you’re stuck with a system with no optical media, no USB boot, no PXE boot, and no OS?  Can we get Debian on such a machine?

You bet we can!   (more…)

HP Decides to Open Source WebOS

Well this looks like interesting news:  HP has decided to open its failed WebOS platform to developers.  If they do it right and actually help found a project, this could be really cool.  WebOS might become the free software option for mobile & tablets for all us I-must-replace-the-factory-OS-on-every-device-I-own folks.

Then again, they could just mess it up and WebOS will fade into obscurity.

It’ll be fun to watch, either way.