Blogging in Emacs, part 2

When I first set up this blog, I attempted to use the weblogger.el extension to blog to this site. Alas, it gave me quite a bit of trouble, so I had to scrap it.

Recently, though, I’ve been trying to get a handle on Emacs org-mode, and noticed an extension called “org2blog/wp”. If it can work, seems like a good way to learn org mode. So, if this works, it’ll be my first post from org2blog. Let’s see how it goes….

So far, so good. I managed to get my blog info put in, logged in. ‘org2blog/wp-new-entry’ gives me a new buffer pre-populated with the right org-mode fields to get things going. I posted up a draft, and sure enough it saved. Even let me put in tags and catagories. I’m still a little green about org-mode markup, so I’m not sure how a lot of the fancy stuff will go over – y’know, pictures and code and stuff. Still, I like the feel of this a lot better than wordpress’s WYSIWYG editor.

There’s a much better write-up about org2blog at this blog by a guy who shares my taste in color schemes :).

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