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New song: “He made a way”

I’ve been working away at my next book, keeping well ahead of schedule, and decided to take a short break over the Easter holiday to record a song that’s been rolling about in my head.

The song is called “He Made a Way” and you can find it on my music page in MP3 and Ogg formats. Unlike most of my recent work, this song isn’t in an odd meter and doesn’t use fancy harmonic stuff; instead, I decided to dip my toes into African styles like Soukous and Rumba, because I don’t think there’s a happier-sounding style of music on the planet. Sometimes you just want to write a happy song, you know?



In my blog links below, you’ll see a link to “Robins Rants and Raves”, a blog that (until recently) was written by a bright young man who many of us in various Linux circles knew better as “DixieDancer”.

A few days ago, Robin went to be with our Lord and Savior, brought down at the age of 18 by a genetic condition beyond medical help.  I recommend anyone to read through the last month or so of his posts, to hear the voice of a young man facing his pending death with the confidence that he will be entering the new life.

We have lost something down here, but he has gained everything now.   Rest in Joy, brother.