New Coding-oriented Youtube channel

I’ve been a Youtuber for some time now, mostly focusing on music and studio things. But in light of my side career as an author of coding books, I’ve just created a new Alan D Moore Codes channel related to coding.

Not only that, I’ve just uploaded my first video to the channel describing the proper way to integrate QtDesigner with PyQt5. I’ve seen a lot of people on reddit and elsewhere doing it incorrectly and getting themselves quite fouled up, so I thought I might offer some insight.

I’ll have some more PyQt5-related content going up there soon hopefully, we’ll see how things go.

One Thought on “New Coding-oriented Youtube channel

  1. Mel Tearle says:

    Hi, I’ve your book on Qt and am trying to find examples and docs as they relate to QGraphics. I’d like to find how you would go about adding a slot to QGraphicsPixmapItem where the signal comes from another module and also how to add gestures to a PixmapItem. Additionally, I’m also looking for examples on Shapes, Paths, and SVG. All that would be helpful as I’ve pretty much reached a dead end on a project I’ve been working on. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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