Tkinter Book Release!

Woohoo!  My new book, Python GUI Programming with Tkinter is finally out!  You can order it directly from Packt Publications or from Amazon if you prefer.  It’s available in print or in a variety of electronic formats, if you prefer.

This book was six months in the making, and it feels good to see it finally available for purchase.

This is a HUGE book that covers much more than just using the Tkinter library; it takes you from being a Python novice to a software architect able to design and build complex data-oriented applications.

In addition to learning about the Tkinter library and widgets, you learn a whole slew of useful things:

  • Designing an application and writing up a specification
  • Modularizing your application and organizing a project directory
  • Working with file formats like CSV, JSON, and XML
  • Designing and interacting with SQL databases
  • Multi-threading and asynchronous programming
  • Working with HTTP and ReST-ful APIs
  • Building standalone executables and pip-installable Python packages

Scattered throughout all of this I’ve added tips and techniques to take you from a beginning Python programmer to an awesome Python programmer, so even if Tkinter itself doesn’t particularly interest you, you’ll find value in more than half the book.

In the coming weeks I’m planning on making a video highlighting many of the topics I cover in the book, and demonstrating how easy it is to get started with Tkinter GUIs.  If you get the book and find it helpful or have any questions, please let me know!

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