WCGBrowser update: http_proxy and more

For users of WCGBrowser…

In the last few days I’ve added a few features:

  • Firstly, proxy server settings. Several people requested this, though none wanted to sponsor development (I only asked $100 US). Turns out I needed it for something I was doing myself, so happy birthday everyone, you get this for free. Proxy settings can be set from the CLI, config file, or environment variables (common on many Linuxes).
  • Secondly, stylesheets. Not that there’s much to style on WCGBrowser (the navigation bar, mostly), but you can now do it with QSS style sheets. A (really tasteless) example stylesheet is included.

Latest code can of course be downloaded from the wcgbrowser github page, or just do a “git pull” if you cloned it from there in the first place.

Enjoy! 😀

2 Thoughts on “WCGBrowser update: http_proxy and more

  1. Janson says:

    Thanks for your great work! Love that you’re sharing this for free. A belated happy birthday to everyone else!

  2. Mike Tyson says:

    Thanks for the nice piece of software. I came across one issue though, the javascript swipes are not working. (test it with http://nicinabox.com/superslides/#1).

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