Lykwyd Chykyn Pay-what-you-want Music Salestravaganza

I’ve been putting a bit more work into my music pages on this website, notably my Lykwyd Chykyn site; in addition to a revamped Random song player (now using HTML5 “audio” tags),
I’ve got a link to a page with all my songs, using a “Pay what you want” system so that you can have all the Lykwyd Chykyn/Alan D Moore music you can stand for a gift of 5, 10, 20, or 0 (if you wanna be like that) dollars.

Yeah, I know, maybe not what the world has been waiting for, but considering what people are happy to shell out to iTunes for DRM-locked tracks from the west coast music machine, I’m hoping they’ll see the sense in dropping a few
bucks in the hat for some liberally licensed (CC-BY-SA-NC) tracks made with love and care. Time will tell.

Check it out at

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