Frequently asked Questions about SpinAround and our state of hiatus....

For questions about CD's, merchandise, or if you want to book us for the low low price of $10,000, please email me @ alandmoore . com

When are you guys getting back together? Don't look for it anytime soon. Jason's busy with his new band, I'm busy with a career in IT, and short of a certifiable miracle I don't see the demand for a SA reunion growing any as the years pass.
So do you guys hate each other now? No. It didn't happen like that; you didn't read "The story of SpinAround's demise", did you?
Can I still get your CD? It's unlikely to be in most stores anymore; Pamplin is long gone and not many carried it in the first place. I have heard that has it for something like 2 cents and a bottlecap, but who knows for how long. Jason and I both have copies left, we'd be happy to sell one at a decent price to whoever comes asking. Just drop me an email and I'll see what I can do, but don't expect me to beat some bargain-basement deal; these things have sentimental value, after all!
Can I still get SpinAround merchandise? There isn't much left, as far as I know; I think Jason probably has some, unless he's pitched it by now. If you are interested in this, however, let me know and I'll see what I can dig up.
Are you touring any more? No. Maybe a reunion show in Evansville someday, about the time we both turn 50; we can get out the acoustic guitars and stand up with jeans shorts and hawaiian shirts playing through the tunes we still remember for the 5 people who still care... but no plans at the moment.
Can I book SpinAround? No. Unless you have about $10,000 in cash.
Are you guys just in this for the money? We've lost a ton of money on SpinAround, and chances are we'll be paying it off for years to come. Continuing to do things as SpinAround will only make that debt bigger, which would be pretty irresponsible on our part. If this really bugs you, write me and we'll talk.
Are you guys still Christians? As far as I know, yes; though I don't stay in touch with all of our ex-members. Honestly, being a part of a Christian band is pretty tough on one's faith, especially if it goes badly. I know my own faith was a bit damaged there for a while after things fell apart, I can only hope the others have weathered it and come out OK.
So what is Christian doing now? Christian is busy doing graphic design work around Nashville. He's quite good at it, I might add. I think he's doing some teaching now, too.
What about Matt? Matt is working hard to make it as a drummer in Nashville. He's been touring with country singer Gary Allen for some time now and is doing really well. I think it's safe to say he's "made it" as a drummer.
What's Chandler doing? Chandler went back to college to finish out his degree. I've lost touch with him completely, though I heard he had some sort of band going.
What's Richard Fultineer doing? Who?