The Faces of SpinAround

The legendary 'Basketball Geeks' photo, from the inside cover of Groove Revolution, 1998. A rare humorous shot of SpinAround, in the Groove Revolution era. Clockwise from top left: Alan, Jeff, Randy, Seth, and Jason. We had a number of nice shots from this photo session, which I keep in an envelope addressed to VH1 in case any of these guys ever get famous.

The 'hubcap photo', taken in front of a now-demolished hubcap shop in Evansville, IN. The main promo shot we used during the Groove Revolution days; you can see everyone a little better here. From left to right: Seth, Jason, Randy, Alan, and Jeff. Ironically, Jeff quit the band shortly after this shot was taken, so his successor had to autograph by Jeff's face.

Jason and Alan at Eastminster Pres, ca Dec 2000 A picture of Jason and I performing at Eastminster Pres. Church in Evansville, one of our frequented venues. This was during the recording of Face the Crowd when we had no band, I believe (December 2000). I think we were auditioning members at the time.

Live shot of the 'Face the Crowd' band Here's a lovely blurry live photo of the Face the Crowd era SpinAround, which I think I edited a bit to make it fit onto a flyer. From left to right: Aaron Chandler, Christian Holihan, Jason, Matt Dolan, Alan.