A sampling of SpinAround music

Sorry for the lousy-sounding mp3's; bandwidth costs money, ya'know. If you want to hear these in full CD quality glory, email me for details.

Too fast, too slow

Album: Groove Revolution

This is a good example of the kind of groove-funk we were doing in our independent hey-day. I always liked this song, though I probably got too busy with the clav part when we played it live. I can't help myself; I just love ticking away those 32nd notes. We were kind of disappointed with the way the recording turned out; of course that's true of most of GR.


Album: Groove Revolution

This is another song I really liked off of GR, though it never got much attention. It's one of the two tracks that Sal Salvador produced, and it sounded quite superior to the rest of the album. Its curse was that it was recorded a while before GR, so it was old hat by the time we got around to promoting the album and got kind of ignored.

Boy Meets Girl

Album: Face the Crowd

This was supposed to be the big single off of FTC, though for some reason we will never understand Pamplin chose to release a far less radio-friendly cut for the first single, so BMG was cursed before it hit the airwaves. We actually believed so strongly in the song that we paid out of pocket to have it tracked, but unfortunately it was all wrong for the climate of the times and flopped hard. It's ironic; this song got us signed, most likely, kept the A&R drooling throughout the recording process, but when it came time to release a single, it got passed up like last week's fishsticks. Such is the story of SpinAround...

Say Anything

Album: Face the Crowd

This was always Jason's favorite track from FTC. It had a lot of personal meaning to him, as well as a really nice dance feel. I'm rather proud of the programming I did on this track, though you have to listen hard to hear it under the layers of guitar.