Jason McKinney

Lead Vocalist, founder, songwriter, sometimes guitarist, sometimes other stuff...

Jason is currently working on a project called Lost Anthem, a pop-rock outfit also featuring Jimmy Detalente, formerly of The Frantics. They've been together for a few years now, and things are going quite well for the band. Check out their site for more details.

Alan Moore

Keyboards, sometimes songwriter, sometimes guitar, sometimes background vocals, once-time rapper (ugh, sorry)

After a couple of years of trying to break into production, composition, and keyboard work in Nashville, Alan has pretty much given up music and gone into computers. He still occasionally throws something together under the name Lykwyd Chykyn (don't ask), but it's getting rarer.

Some of our many other esteemed (and one or two not-so-esteemed, sadly) members over the years include:

If any of you esteemed or not-so esteemed members (it's all good, fellas; water under the bridge...) have a homepage, drop me a note and I link your name to it. Especially if it's music-related. Also, if you were in SpinAround and I forgot, let me know that as well!

PLEASE!! If you're a former member, fan, roadie, or in any other way affiliated with SA, feel free to send me pictures, thoughts, memories, corrections, or whatever, so that I can add to this site. It's amazing to think, but I don't even have a copy of all our songs!

Member Notes

A few odd notes or updates on various former members: