Contact me about working on your next music project! Although I'm based in Nashville, Tennessee, I can work via the internet or by post with clients worldwide.

I've worked with a wide variety of situations and budgets, so don't hesitate to email me about your production needs.

Email: me @ alandmoore . com (remove spaces)

Production Music / Music Library

I've composed and produced a variety of short compositions for music libraries and video productions. Although I specialize in electronica, I've also done guitar-rock, acoustic, and solo piano works.

  1. "Cafe Au Lait"(30sec mix)(client: 615 music library; credits: writing, programming and co-production)
  2. "Sunny Day in Wine Country" (client: N/A;credits: writing)
  3. "The Return of Grunge" (client: Twisted Media; credits: writing, production, guitar, programming, production)
  4. "Electric Samsara" (client: Studio Cutz; credits: co-writing, guitar, saz, keyboards, programming)

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