Contact me about working on your next music project! Although I'm based in Nashville, Tennessee, I can work via the internet or by post with clients worldwide.

I've worked with a wide variety of situations and budgets, so don't hesitate to email me about your production needs.

Email: me @ alandmoore . com (remove spaces)

Demos and backing tracks

I've produced demos and backing tracks for pop, rock, and electronica artists, providing guitar, bass, keyboard, programmed drums, lead and background vocals all in-house. Although my studio has some limitations, I can provide quality tracks for the budget-conscious songwriter or vocalist.

  1. "Stay Awake" (Artist: Cara Moore; credits: production, programming, engineering)
  2. "Tonight" (Artist: Jason McKinney; credits: production, engineering, guitar, programming)
  3. "Give On" (Artist: Shantel Grace; credits: co-production, engineering, guitar, bass, dulcimer, programming)

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