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Kristin HET said:
Привет, как дела !

Aaron Chandler said:
Feeling Nostalgic. Those were the good ol' days huh? :)

Abbi McDaniel said:
ah, the memories. thanks for a trip down memory lane.

Nicole Fababier said:
Hi I'm nicole I'm a Filipina and i've heard your song only today January 26,2007. By the way, I bought it at MV Doulos. Your songs are very cooool and inspiring i'm sad your band came to an end but that's life. Boy Meets Girl, Gravity and Grace, Face the Crowd totally rock! Just continue to be the witness of the truth that you've found (show your light and face the crowd!) Rock on Mr. Alan you're one of the best singer in this world.

Nicole said:
Hi I'm nicole and i've heard your song only today January 26,2007. By the way, I bought it at MV Doulos. Your songs are very cooool and inspiring i'm sad your band came to an end but that's life

randyland said:
Hey ya!!! Some crazy memories floating around on this page. Hope all is well. Shoot me an email sometime.... said:

Ana said:
I heard your song "Boy Meets Girl" on M88 (amazing Christian station out of Albuquerque, New Mexico) last week and immediately feel in love with it! I was driving so I couldn't write down the name of it and when I got on the internet to look for anymore info I couldn't find anything. I looked all week and still nothing. It was driving me crazy! Then today they played the song again and I pulled over so I could finally write it down. So here I am at your site. I can't thank you enough for puting the song on here!!! I wish I could tell you how amazing I think it is! Too bad I didn't find out about Spinaround sooner. I'm gonna have to find your cds somewhere to get my fix. I just needed to thank you for this great song! It's much appreciated!


Alan Moore said:
I'm afraid I have no way of contacting Seth any more, unfortunately. Seth, you out there?

For the record, Jason is the only one that I have contact with on anything approaching a regular basis, and that's getting less regular. I probably could only locate about half our old members if I really put some work into it, which is part of why I put up this site. I'm hoping some of the guys will get bored one night and put "SpinAround" into Google and maybe drop a line at this page.

Need Help locating Seth Kemp said:
Hi there.. with years of searching I think I am getting close. Do you know anyway of contacting Seth Kemp, I have been searching for years. My name is Alyssa email addy is thank you so much

Alan Moore said:
Testing? This does work, I think??