Alan Moore's software page

This page is very simple and primitive, because I'm busy writing software instead of HTML.

Omega Hymnal

Lyrics display for informal worship

Omega Hymnal is designed for displaying lyrics on multiple pages for an informal scenario like a small-group worship meeting, hymn-sing, jam session, music rehearsal, etc. It's written in Python and Flask as a web service with an HTML/Javascript front-end. It's got a lot of handy features like import/export for sharing songs, music chord display, search, configurable keyboard shortcuts, and maybe more.


Large Internet File Transfer System

LIFTS is a system intended to replace email attachments, FTP, and other clumsy complicated systems for sending large files out from an organization. Essentially, it's a user-friendly way to upload files to a web server and send the download URL to recipients. It can authenticate to an LDAP like Active Directory or eDirectory, password-protect download locations, and even cleans up files after a configurable period of time. LIFTS is written in Python and Flask.


Full screen tabbed launcher menu

KiLauncher is a menu designed for things like kiosks, public computers, or childrens' computers where you want to provide the ability to launch a limited number of programs simply. It features a static configuration via a YAML config file, and it's themeable using CSS. It's written in Python and QT.

WCG Browser

Web browser optimized for kiosk use

This browser was written originally for use with library catalog terminals at our public library. It's a webkit browser written in Python and QT that allows hand-configuration using YAML. You can get it from my github page.


Dictionary Plasmoid for KDE 4

This is a little plasmoid (widget/applet/gizmo) for the KDE 4 desktop environment that allows you to look up words very easily. It features a few improvements (and a lot more bugs) over the built-in one that comes with KDE 4.3. You can download it here, or find it on


Text-based quicklauncher for KDE 4

This is a plasmoid for KDE 4.3 or higher similar to QuickLaunch, but instead of icons you get text-based buttons. I wrote it because sometimes I'd rather have simple, unambiguous text to click on instead of abstract icons. Works good for those wide, short monitor screens on newer laptops/netbooks too. Download it here or find it on


Quick audio stream player for KDE 4

This plasmoid for KDE 4.3 is based on my TextLaunch application launcher, but instead of launching applications it plays audio streams. It can also play audio files, compact discs, or any other media source phonon can handle. I wrote this because I don't have a massive collection of mp3 files, I don't have an iPod to manage, and I just generally don't need 9/10 of what a big audio player like Amarok does. I listen to about 5-6 audio streams, sometimes while sleeping, and I wanted something that would let me switch streams or turn them off quickly and without a lot of clicking around (since I'm sometimes half asleep when I do it). Get it here or at