Alan's IF games
Welcome to my interactive fiction games page. I've recently started writing interactive fiction using Michael Robert's TADS3 development system.

Currently, you can download a beta of my first game, "The Lion and the Eagle", a short adventure set in Spain during the Peninsular war. Hopefully, more games will come soon. If you're into interactive fiction, check it out!

You can download the full Windows executable file, or the cross-platform T3 data file if you have a TADS3 interpreter (You can download one for Linux, Macintosh, or whatever at

The Lion and the Eagle
beta 0.3
DOWNLOADDOWNLOADFixed the hint system
Fully playable and winnable
please report bugs

Support game development and show your appreciation by donating any amount by paypal (credit cards accepted). Suggested donation is $3.00 per game.